Dentistry for Children

At Modern Essence Dentistry, we are dedicated to you and your family's oral health. Modern Essence Dentistry is a family dental office in Roselle, IL with dental health services for you and your family.

First Dental Visit

Many people don’t understand the importance of baby teeth. Primary teeth are necessary for children to chew and speak properly. If a primary tooth is lost too early, a permanent tooth can drift into the empty space. This makes it difficult for other permanent teeth to properly erupt into the mouth.

Child's First Dental Visit in Roselle, IL
Dental Sealants in Roselle, IL

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are a preventive, non-invasive dental procedure that helps to prevent cavities. The sealant is a tough plastic material that is designed to bond with the tooth’s enamel and forms a shield against decay. Sealants are tooth-colored or white, so they are barely visible.

Fluoride Treatments

When used appropriately, fluoride is both safe and effective in preventing and controlling dental cavities. Fluoride is a mineral that is found naturally in water and many foods. Fluoride helps the tooth’s outer surface, the enamel, stay strong and fight against the acids that cause cavities and tooth decay.

Fluoride Treatments in Roselle, IL
Healthy Oral Habits in Kids

Oral Habits

Between the ages of two and four, most children will naturally stop sucking their fingers, thumbs, or other objects. When children continue these habits for a longer period of time, their teeth may be affected, resulting in the need for early orthodontic treatment. Call us today to prevent problems with the proper growth of the mouth and tooth alignment.

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